Eric Desnoues

The 50th Nuits Musicales d’Uzès
will take place in 2021

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

Many of you the last few weeks showed support in these incertain times due to Covid-19 regarding the Nuits Musicales d’Uzès, and we would like to thank you for that.

Unfortunately, following President Macron 's speech on 13 April, banning all public gathering until mid-July at least, and anxious about the protect of everybody's health, public, artists and the team of the Festival, this 50th edition of les Nuits Musicales d’Uzès cannot take place and is postponed until July 2021.

However, for the wait to be easier, we agreed with the Mayor of Uzès, Jean-Luc Chapon, to offer in the meantime a few concerts during season 2020/21 at l’Ombrière, the new venue recently built in Uzès. We will keep you informed of the programme.

Until then, take car of yourself and your loved ones, we look forward to meet you again.

Fot the team les Nuits Musicales d’Uzès
Eric Desnoues, Director

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Nuits Musicales d'Uzès
16, Place Albert 1er
Chapelle des Capucins
30700 Uzès

+33 (0)4 66 62 2000

Les nuits musicales d'Uzès's Team

Eric Desnoues

Artistic Director


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